Wrestling 101

“If you decide to give wrestling a try, be prepared to get involved in a wildly exciting and exceptional activity. But be warned, the sport has a tendency to give tests first, then the lessons.”– Wade Schalles – 4x NCAA Wrestling Champion, National Wrestling Hall of Fame, Guinness Book of World Records Holder for Most Pins in College Career

Practice Location:

Oak Ridge High School Wrestling Room, 1120 Harvard Way
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

Equipment Needed:

  • Wrestling Shoes – required on the mats
  • Head gear – required
  • Shorts and t-shirt – for practice
  • Singlets are the uniform for the tournaments – Your child will be issued a singlet during the winter session. The singlet will be checked out to you for the season and must be returned at the end of the season. You will be charged the cost of the replacement of the singlet if it is not returned at the end of the season.
  • Mouth Guard – personal choice but you will see it a lot more at the tournaments; this is required for children with orthodontic braces.

****Wrestling shoes and headgear can be purchased from local sporting good stores, please contact us for recommendations****.


At the EDH Wrestling Club we take hygiene seriously, this assures each and every wrestler will be protected. Please read below and adhere to the following club policies. Your wrestling shoes should NEVER be worn outside. Whatever you step in outside or in the restrooms will end up on the mats and that is where your wrestlers is practicing. (Yuck!) This policy is not only for wrestlers, but coaches and parents as well.

Wrestling Mats: The mats will be cleaned before and after each practice.
Shoes: Once at practice or a tournament, wrestling shoes should NOT go outside. Street shoes must stay off the mats for hygiene and to save the mats. The mats are very expensive and we must take care of them.
Shower: We highly recommend wrestlers shower after each practice and tournament with an antibacterial soap.
Fingernails: Wrestlers MUST keep their nails short. This is for their partners’ protection and their own germ protection. At tournaments fingernails will be checked for length. A referee can stop a match to make a wrestler clip his nails.
Cutting Weight: NOT ALLOWED at the EDH Wrestling Club. Coach Pass is a certified strength conditioning and weight control consultant, he will measure all wrestlers to assure they will be placed in their appropriate weight class.
Skin Disorders/Communicable Diseases: Again, NOT ALLOWED at the EDH Wrestling Club. Any wrestler with a communicable skin condition will not be allowed to participate in practice/matches until we have been issued a note from the wrestlers physician allowing them to participate.

What to expect at practices:

  • The EDH coaches strive to make practice educational and enjoyable for all wrestlers while expecting each child to put forth their best effort.
  • Wrestlers should wear t-shirts and comfortable athletic shorts without pockets. It is mandatory that the kids also wear wrestling shoes.
  • No street shoes are permitted on the wrestling mats. We want to keep them as clean as possible since the kids will be rolling around on them.
  • Practices normally begin with warm-up and conditioning exercises such as stretching, running, push-ups and crunches. Next, will be technique demonstrations by the coaches followed by practicing the demonstrated moves with a partner. Each child will be paired with another child of comparable weight and skill. Some practices may include live wrestling or games.
  • Wrestlers are expected to listen and behave during practice so as not to distract the coaches and other wrestlers.

What to Expect at a Youth Wrestling Tournament:

  • Organized chaos – lots of people, noise and excited kids
  • Most tournaments have a 4-man round-robin format grouping wrestlers together by grade and weight and sometimes by level of experience. This grouping of wrestlers is known as the bracket.
  • Positions are filled by volunteer parents and high school students. The referees are usually school wrestlers doing their best – take it easy on them.
  • Parents/fans wait in the stands until their wrestler is called to the mat for his/her matches.
  • Some tournaments don’t allow parents/fans to watch mat side, only coaches.
  • Most tournaments begin with Pre-K and work up through the remaining grade levels.
  • Most tournaments charge an entry fee for spectators, some do not.
  • Concessions and wrestling gear are normally available for sale.

Folkstyle Wrestling Rules:

Object: The object of a wrestling match is to gain a fall by pinning an opponent’s shoulders to the mat for 2 continuous seconds, or to gain a decision by out-wrestling an opponent.

Length: Peewee, Bantam and Midget wrestle three (3) 1-minute periods. Novice and Schoolboy wrestle three (3) 1½-minute periods.

  • 1st Period: Starts from the standing or “Neutral” position.
  • 2nd Period: Choice of position is determined by a coin toss. The winner may choose top or bottom in “referee’s” position or may opt to start in the neutral position.
  • 3rd Period: Choice of position is given to the wrestler who lost the coin toss before the second period. The same options apply.