About Us



The Mission of  El Dorado Hills Wrestling is to Train and Educate Youth Wrestlers to an Elite level.  Our wrestlers will be competitive at the highest level for State and National Competition.  As a result, of this intense training we will be feeding wrestlers with advance technique and skill level into our local High School Programs and that they go on to wrestle in College.


Integrity – Character – Respect – Sportsmanship – Self Control –

Self Respect – Work Ethic – Excellence


  • INTEGRITY – Coaching with and teaching wrestlers to have Integrity on and off the mat.
  • CHARACTER – Showing that being an Elite Athlete goes along with who they are as a person and their Character is displayed by how they treat people and how they compose themselves after intense competition.  By maintaining a positive attitude at all times.
  • RESPECT –  Teaching wrestlers to  respect their coaches, the officials and their parents.  Always Treat their teammates like brothers by encouraging and supporting.
  • SPORTSMANSHIP – Our wrestlers are taught to display good sportsmanship in the wrestling room and at competitions.  They will shake the hand of their opponent, the opposing coach and their own coach.  They will never speak up or argue with an official or coach.
  • SELF CONTROL –  Our wrestlers are coached to show self control in all circumstances.  They will compose themselves after a loss, a win or bad officiating.  Overcoming adversity and making sacrifices will help them become mature young men and women.
  • SELF RESPECT –  EDH Wrestlers will wear the team gear and represent  El Dorado Hills with class and behave in a manner that is respectable to themselves and all around them.
  • WORK ETHIC –  Our wrestlers will learn a hard and consistent work ethic.  Physically they will be pushed and through this they will obtain mental toughness, courage and discipline.    This work ethic taught at a young age will spill over into all other parts of their lives, such as  school work and future jobs etc.
  • EXCELLENCE–  Excellence in reputation.  We want our wrestlers to have the reputation of being the hardest workers, most respectful and most accomplished.



One of our main goals is to have several elite wrestlers that we can pass up to the High School Wrestling program every year that will go onto wrestle in College.   In addition to this we plan to use funds raised, donated and fees paid to further the wrestling level in El Dorado Hills.

When there is a need in our wrestling programs for equipment upgrades or improvements we plan to have funds available that will help meet our first goal, which is further the wrestling level in El Dorado Hills.

We plan to have funds available for a travel team to be able to compete Regionally and Nationally.   We plan to have funds available to bring in the highest quality coaches to train up Elite Wrestlers.

We plan to provide an annual Scholarship for wrestlers who come through the youth program and excel while wrestling for the High School and are continuing on to wrestle for a College team.

Rules and Honor Code


All Wrestlers and Coaches and Parents must agree to these values to be a member  of  El Dorado Hills Wrestling Club


password is edhw13